Lighting Installation Services

Residential & Commercial Lighting Services in Pine River, Nisswa and Brainerd, MN & Surrounding Areas

Are energy bills bleeding you dry? Those high energy bills might be caused by inefficient lighting. Pine River Electric, Inc. can retrofit the lighting of your home or business in Pine River, Nisswa or Brainerd, MN to make it more energy-efficient. We'll replace the fixtures and the components in the system with the energy-efficient counterparts.

We'll work with you to figure out what lighting system upgrade is going to work the best for you. We can also set up flood lights and landscape lighting to provide outdoor lighting.

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5 reasons to consider energy-efficient lighting installation

There's a reason why so many people are upgrading the lighting in their homes or businesses. Energy-efficient lighting has several benefits. Pine River Electric will make sure you get the most out of that lighting upgrade.

Here's why you should install energy-efficient lighting in your home or business:

  • You'll save money on your energy bill.
  • It produces less greenhouse emissions.
  • Energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures last a long time.
  • Bulbs and fixtures won't overheat, which is safer.
  • It'll add value to your home or business.
Reach out to us right away to install an energy-efficient lighting system in your Pine River, Nisswa or Brainerd, MN home.